• Medicalis provides next generation enterprise worklist and scheduling technology, that manages radiology department workflow.

    Medicalis decision support technology lets you analyze and manage imaging utilization.
  • EMR Integration
  • Designed to plug into EMR and CPOE systems, Medicalis Decision Support Server makes the delivery of Clinical Decision Support to the ordering physician simple and seamless.

    Supporting a variety of terminology sets including: CPT4, ICD9, ICD10, IMO.
  • Order Intake
  • Consume and process orders from EMR, CPOE, phone and fax. Attach scanned documents to the patient record. And manage call-backs and other clerical workflows by leveraging a set of flexible worklists.
  • Patient registration
  • Medicalis' IHE based demographics, insurance, and allergy repository offers Cross-Enterprise patient record consolidation.

    Issuer based patient repositories allow you to maintain multiple copies of a patient’s record, linked to a single Person. Connect to your existing master patient record for identifier linking, or even automated demographics and insurance updates.
  • CPOE
  • Where physicians do not have access to the enterprise EMR, leverage Medicalis' web portal to engage physicians in your outreach strategy, and offer physician practices structured online order entry.
  • Patient Portal
  • Increase your value and visibility. Directly engage patients with value adding services such as: appointment reminders, scheduling imaging procedures, result notifications, access to results, preparation instructions, precautions, and driving instructions.
  • Patient Summary
  • Increase the quality of your interpretation by having your patients' electronic medical record data at your fingertips. The Medicalis Professional Solution seamlessly integrates into your EMR, RIS, and HIS systems.

    This provides you with critical information such as labs, allergies, medications, prior pathology and surgical reports to support your diagnostic interpretation.
  • PACS Integraton
  • Regardless of workstation and geographic location, the Medicalis Professional Solution provides universal access to image viewers across your enterprise.

    Medicalis integrates across PACS, and VNA to deliver images to the radiologist workstation to be viewed using the most appropriate diagnostic image viewer for the study.
  • Peer Review
  • Seamlessly implement peer review into your organization without compromising your overall productivity.

    The Medicalis Professional Solution ensures that the appropriate peer review sample is well distributed across exams, modalities, locations, radiologists, and times of day. Use analytics to track and monitor peer review adherence and upload into ACR eRADPEERTM.
  • Desicion Support
  • Medicalis Decision Support Server reduces inappropriate imaging by delivering evidence based and clinical best practice guidelines to physicians, at the point of order entry.

    Medicalis also provides tools to analyze the outcomes and the effectiveness of imaging studies.
  • Enterprise & Central Scheduling
  • Medicalis' robust constraint-based radiology scheduling engine allows you to grow your referral base without ramping up your scheduling department. Allow your central scheduling or Physicians office to directly schedule the patient’s procedure.
  • Physicians Portal
  • Leverage Medicalis' web portal to engage providers in your outreach strategy, and offer physician practices structured online order entry, and access to results, images, and online scheduling.
  • Enterprise Radiologist Worklists
  • Medicalis Professional brings together in a single cross site, enterprise worklist, all of the work needed to be completed by your team of Radiologists.

    Whether your system is a single PACS environment, or many disparate PACS nodes, the Medicalis Professional solution will ensure the study is read by the right radiologist.
  • Dose Monitoring
  • Medicalis dose monitoring technology aggregates and reports on radiation dose within your environment allowing you to benchmark radiation dose levels between devices, locations, personnel.

    Radiation dose information can be delivered to physicians during the ordering process as part of Medicalis decision support technology.
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Manage your human resources, track shifts, and automatically generate staff schedules based on credentials, and academic vs. clinical time commitments. Incorporate staff availability into your departmental scheduling algorithm to account for human resource availability.
  • Critical Results
  • Improve productivity and compliance with ACR and JCAHO communication benchmarks by making it simple to notify physicians of critical and subcritical findings.

    Document, monitor, and track the communication between radiologists and referring physicians. Closing the loop on critical patient findings.
  • TAT Compliance
  • With Medicalis Professional Solution you can ensure that you are delivering on your commitments. As a study approaches your defined TAT boundary the Medicalis Professional workflow engine escalates its priority, and if necessary can redistribute the study to the most qualified radiologist with free capacity.

    So the study is read within the committed time frame.
  • Risk Management
  • Medicalis decision support technology educates, and motivates providers to utilize imaging according to a standard of care, and leverages community based imaging expertise to reduce unnecessary imaging costs.

    Organizations such as ACOs and health plans, along with providers who are directly at risk for payment, benefit by balancing patient care and cost control.
  • Departmental Workflow
  • The Medicalis Operations Solution empowers you to interact with your patients in a valuable, efficient, and high quality manner.

    Engage, Track, and Deliver superior levels of service and care to patients using Medicalis’ unique tools such as, Advanced Protocoling, Patient Tracking, Technologist Workflows, and charge capture modules.
  • Results Notifications
  • Improve the level of service you provide, by notifying physicians and patients when both critical and non-critical results are available immediately.
  • Actionable Reporting®
  • Actionable Reporting® from Medicalis allows Radiologists to increase the specificity and clarity of their recommendations to ordering providers.

    Closing the loop on critical communications and associated actions is part of the new virtual imaging consultation.
  • Preauth & Eligibility
  • Actively manage reimbursement risks, health plan specific payment policy, and charge capture by leveraging a sophisticated set of worklists and health plan integration technology.
  • Analytics
  • Analytics and its associated business intelligence allows practices to significantly differentiate themselves in the competitive imaging market.

    Analytics from Medicalis allows you to identify, collect, transform, and present key performance indicators to drive behavioral and process change.
  • Advanced Protocoling
  • High-tech imaging studies and device specific protocols are assigned, and communicated electronically to the technologist by the radiologist or their delegate.

    Standardize your protocols and make them available across your enterprise. Filter protocols based on body part, body system, and/or exam.
  • Report Creation
  • Increase your radiologist productivity using the Medicalis voice enabled reporting solution. Reduce “parroting” of the patient history and relevant clinical information captured by the technologist at the point of service.

    This information (contrast, labs, measurements, relevant history) is easily populated using structured report templates saving the radiologist precious time and reducing errors.
Medicalis Value Driven Workflow Solutions increase the productivity of imaging practices, provide efficiency for care providers, and support a high quality standard of care for patients.

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